Course for Vascular Surgery Trainees at the ASSERT Centre UCC, February 23rd 2018

The ASSERT centre at UCC is a state-of-the art medical simulation facility  designed to allow healthcare professionals from a wide range of specialties train and practice to predefined proficiency standards. The aim is to decrease medical error and improve patient safety. A vascular surgery training course was held at the ASSERT centre at UCC [...]

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Global Burden of Disease Publication on Smoking. Lancet May 2017

The Global Burden of Disease Study is an international collaboration of researchers from 127 countries, with the aim of gathering and interpreting data on disease across the world. It is based at the University of Washington, and made possible largely through funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A recent report from this [...]

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Statins for Prevention in Non-High Risk Patients

2016 saw the publication of the latest large randomised trial investigating the role of cholesterol lowering drugs known as Statins in preventing adverse cardiovascular events. The HOPE trial(1) investigated the effect of a low dose statin and a blood-pressure-reducing medication (candesartan/hydrochlorothiazide) on the incidence of cardiovascular events compared with placebo, in men ≥55years and women ≥65years [...]

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